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Brasswind Instruments


Baritones and Euphoniums

French Horns


Trumpets, Cornets, and Flugelhorns

Tubas and Sousaphones


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Bach 180S43 Standard Stradivarius Bb Trumpet, Silver Plated


Bach Stradivarius 47 "La Rosa" Tenor Trombone


Yamaha YTR-6335S Professional Bb Trumpet, Silver Plated


Adams A1 Custom Bb Trumpet


Adams A2 Custom Bb Trumpet, Silver Plated


Adams A4 Custom Bb Trumpet


Adams Custom BBbTuba, Silver Plated


Adams Custom CC Tuba, Silver Plated


Adams E1 Custom Euphonium, Yellow Brass, Gold Lacquer


Adams E1 Euphonium, Sterling Silver, Clear Lacquer


Adams E3 Custom Euphonium


Adams F2 Custom Flugelhorn


Bach 180S37 Stradivarius Bb Trumpet, Silver Plated


Bach AC190S Artisan Stradivarius C Trumpet, Silver Plated


Bach LT180S77 Stradivarius New York Bb Trumpet, Silver Plated


Bach LT1901B Stradivarius Commercial Bb Trumpet, Medium Large Bore


Bach Stradivarius Chicago C Trumpet, Silver Plated


Besson Performance Baritone, 3-Valve


Conn 88HO Symphony Professional Tenor Trombone


Conn V8DS Vintage Double French Horn, Screw Bell


Edwards B502-I-Y Bass Trombone


Edwards T302 Small Bore "Jazz" Tenor Trombone


Edwards T396-A "Alessi" Tenor Trombone


Hans Hoyer 6801 Heritage Series Double French Horn


Hans Hoyer Single French Horn


Jiggs pBone (Plastic Trombone), Green


Jiggs pBone (Plastic Trombone), Purple


Jiggs pBone (Plastic Trombone), Red


Jiggs pBone (Plastic Trombone), Yellow


King 606 Standard Trombone


King Legend Jiggs Whigham 2B Trombone


Yamaha YBB-105WC 3/4 BBb Tuba


Yamaha YBL-421G Intermediate Bass Trombone


Yamaha YEP-201 Standard Euphonium, 3-Valve


Yamaha YEP-321 Intermediate Euphonium


Yamaha YEP-321S Intermediate Euphonium, Silver Plated


Yamaha YHR-314II Standard Single French Horn


Yamaha YHR-567 Intermediate Double French Horn


Yamaha YHR-567D Intermediate Double French Horn


Yamaha YHR-871DU Custom Double French Horn


Yamaha YSL-354 Standard Tenor Trombone


Yamaha YSL-448G Intermediate Trombone


Yamaha YSL-882OR Xeno Tenor Trombone


Yamaha YTR-2330 Standard Bb Trumpet


Yamaha YTR-8335IIGS Xeno Bb Trumpet, Silver Plated


Yamaha YTR9335NYS Xeno Artist Model Bb Trumpet, New York Series, Silver Plated